Saturday, November 28, 2015

Jakarta Laksa (Laksa Betawi)

Ingredients :

1 lb. chicken (1/2 kilo)
1 lb. shrimp, peeled
1¾ oz. candlenuts
5 oz. shallots
2 "thumbs" fresh turmeric
1 "thumb" lenglaus/galangal
½ "thumb" ginger
6 red peppers
2 coconuts, for Santan (2 cups)
Sugar, salt, M.S.G. to taste

For the top:
1 lb. rice vermicelli or beehoon, cooked, rinsed and drained
10 hard boiled eggs
2 lbs. boiled potatoes

How to make :

Boil chicken in 4 cups of water until tender. Boil shrimp in 2 cups water a few minutes. Grind nuts, turmeric, langlaus, ginger and pepper and 2½ oz. of the onion. The rest of the onion‑slice very thin and fry to a light brown. Saute the spice mixture until a light golden color. Add the spice mixture to the combined 2 broths. Skin the chicken and shred and chop. Bring the broth to a rolling boil and add the 2 cups of coconut milk. Add the sugar, salt and M.S.G. to taste. Add chicken and shrimp. Place in a Tureen and add vermecelli or beehoon. Garnish with alternate slices of boiled egg and potatoes. Sprinkle the browned onions on top. Serve hot.

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